Adam Tinworth (adders) wrote,

[WoW] This is how the world ends

Today, they wiped the World of Warcraft Europe Final Beta servers in preperation for the launch on Friday. It was as if thousands of voices cried out in horror and were logged out...

To mark the occasion, the last few hours were marked the Day of Judgement. Demons assaulted the main cities and lands were invaded by the opposing forces. Ermonsude, my level 13 Tauren druid joined a large raid in Crossroads in the Barrens, and spent the last few hours of his existence fighting off the treacherous Alliance.

In best bruceb tradition, pictures follow:

Demons in Thunderbluff

The ghost of Ermonsude inspects the Level 500 (!) demons that block the Thunderbluff lifts and lead to his spectral state

The futility of MMoRPG life

Ermonsude contemplates the futility of life, knowing that his demise is just over an hour away. Meanwhile, people fly to Thunderbluff to see the demons...

The futility of MMoRPG life

Minutes from the end, Ermonsude has joined a vast raid, dealing with the swarm of Alliance scum pouting into Horde lands. Today is a good day to be server wiped...

Spent much of the day feeling very grotty. This cheered me up. :)
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